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Research and development undertaken by AIT under the umbrella of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) theme addresses the increasing biotic stresses faced by smallholders in Asian countries. At one hand, this thematic research and development group collaborates with the other research group in learning causes of increasing vulnerabilities (e.g. climate change or anthropogenic causes) and at the same time it attempts to develop locally appropriate socio-economic and bio-physical compatible options using participatory methodologies and platform such as participatory action research and Farmer’s field school (FFS). High quality, clean and non-chemically produced fresh vegetable and fruits, which is readily acceptable to the consumers and traders are the end goal of most of these research-development project. Finally through all these efforts welfare and enhanced economic benefits to the farmers are central to our approach. In the process, the thematic group involves a number of key stakeholders ranging from farmers (men and women farmers), extension workers, IPM trainers, local traders, exporters and ministries with the objective of creating sustainable knowledge based development platforms in the Asian region.

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