The Department of Agriculture Extension (DoAE) is responsible for overall project management. The department and its team havelong experiences in FF management and also experiences of training farmer’s using FFS (Farmer’s Field School).

Highlights of the activities:

  •       Development of Country Strategy Paper
  •       Site and area selection using GIS
  •       Participation of trainers in Regional FF IPM training (December 2010, Vietnam)
  •       Baseline Survey of the selected districts and areas to develop FFS training curricula
  •       Training of Trainers course on FF IPM
  •       Adaption and translation of training guides in Thai language to be used by the trainers
  •       Pilot field schools on the gourds and Marian plum
  •       Reflection and planning workshops
  •       Farmer’s training using Area-wide FFS for safe and easily marketable fruits and vegetables


 -          Country Strategy Paper – Download

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