The Vietnam National IPM team, Plant Protection Department (PPD) and Southern Fruit Research Institute (SOFRI) with support from AIT and FAO-IPM is responsible for overall project management. The team has decades of experiences in farmer’s training using FFS (Farmer’s Field School).

Highlights of the activities:

  •       Development of Country Strategy Paper
  •       Site and area selection using GIS
  •       Participation of trainers in Regional FF IPM training (December 2010, Vietnam)
  •       Baseline Survey of the selected districts and areas to develop FFS training curricula
  •       Training of Trainers course on FF IPM
  •       Adaption and translation of training guides in Lao language to be used by the trainers
  •       Pilot field schools on the Bitter gourd and Dragon fruit
  •       Reflection and planning workshops
  •       Farmer’s training using Area-wide FFS for safe and easily marketable fruits and vegetables


 -          Country Strategy Paper – Download

GIS Mapping:

Fruit fly risk map of Vietnam Suggested project implementation sites for fruit fly activities in Vietnam

For more maps click here

Notes on GIS Mapping: Download

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