Protein Baits

Protein baits are another important non-chemical method of fruit fly management widely used worldwide. It acts as a food attractant and its effectiveness relies on the fact that immature females need a protein meal for developing mature eggs.  The bait spray residue on the foliage is ingested by the flies and kills them.  Because the bait spray relies on its attractant properties for its mode of action, overall coverage of the tree canopy is unnecessary and a ‘spot spraying technique’ is adequate.  Experiments and experience indicate that bait spraying is most effective in ‘area’ treatment programs.  It is ideal for medium to large orchards or where adjacent properties use the technique.

Preparing insecticide and spray on bushes near orchards


  • After emergence flies require protien and sugar for maturation 
  • Protien and sugar  are mixed in a propotion with insecticide
  • Spray on bushes near the orchards

Fly feeds


The flies feed on the spots and gets killed

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