Male Annihilation Technique

Male annihilation involves the trapping of male fruit flies using a high density of trapping stations consisting of a male lure combined with an insecticide (usually technical malathion or spinosad), to reduce the male population to such a low level that mating does not occur. Mehtyl Eugenol is used for trapping Oriental Fruit Flies (B. dorsalis), whereas cue-lure are used to traps the male of melon fly (B. cucurbitae).

1. Making Fruit fly traps


Large no. of traps containing male lure reduce male population of fruit flies to reduce mating and egg laying. So make your own trap!!

2.Using Professional Trap

 Application and dosage:@ 3-4 traps per acre at the onset of flowering. The lure remains viable for 50-60 days under field conditions.

The chemical loaded in the wooden block lures the flies The flies enter the trap from the entry hole at the bottom of the trap
BG_pic1 Bg_Pic3
On their way to the block they travel inside the dome And fell down in the water filled in the yellow bowl.
BG_pic2 Bg-pic5


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