Other control method

1. Bagging of fruits


Bagging of fruits provide physical protection to the fruit by preventing adult female flies laying eggs

 2. Early Harvesting

Avoidance of fruit fly infestation is possible by harvesting crops early. Fruit flies do not appear to ‘attack’ certain fruits such as papaya, sapodilla and banana when they are 100% green. Paw paws, harvested at color break, are less likely to be infested by fruit flies than if harvested at later stages of maturity. However, some fruits lose flavor when harvested too early, as they will not ripen fully


Early harvesting of the fruit:  before fly population starts the damage

3. Wire Netting


Fine wire netting of small orchards also protects fruits from the fruit flies

4. Production during periods of relatively low fruit fly activity

 In seasonal crops, based on the local population dynamics data, period of low activity could be worked out to raise crops.

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