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Project Review Mission: A review mission from TaiwanICDF (March 2012) recently visited the project sites in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, met IPM trainers and farmers. The review mission communicated their satisfaction for the excellent results obtained in short-period of project span. The mission was accompanied by Team Leader, Dr. Prabhat Kumar from AIT and also the collaborating partners from FAO-IPM programme.

Farmers establishing FTD

A new Protein Bait Application method used by FF IPM farmers in Vietnam on dragon fruit and more pictures from Dragon Fruit IPM focusing on Fruit fly IPM work from Vietnam


A presentation based on the activities of the AFF project and outputs were presented to “Regional Symposium High Value Vegetables in Southeast Asia: Production, Supply and Demand” 24-26 January 2012 Lotus Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Title: Area-Wide Promotion and Adoption of Fruit Fly IPM: Innovative Experiences of Curriculum Development for Farmers Field Schools

Abstract: The Asian region (East, Southeast, and South) is among the top three regions worldwide in terms of annual exports and imports of fresh fruits and vegetables. The productivity and quality of many of the fruits and vegetable crops are seriously reduced by tephritid fruit flies (Bactrocera dorsalis & Bactrocera cucurbitae). Tephritid fruit flies can cause direct damage to fruits and vegetables leading to 90-100% losses depending on locality, variety and season and indirect loss by reducing the trade potential due to strict quarantine regulations. Until recently, area-wide fruit fly IPM promotion efforts in Asia have focused largely on introduction of the sterile male technique, without attention to farmer education on promotion of an integrated management approach. Adoption of fruit fly IPM among smallholder farmers has been negligible and impact on control of fruit fly populations limited. ( AFF Project Presentation in PDF format; 2.2 MB could be seed/downloaded from here)

Second Training of Trainer’s course on Fruit Fly IPM organized at Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam (19-24 Dec.2011). For more information visit:

Mini TOT on Fruit Fly IPM in Vientiane Province, Lao PDR (3-7 October 2011). For more info visit:

Regional Studytour cum Curriculum Review Workshop on FFS for Fruit Fly IPM Kandal and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 8-10 September 2011. For more info visit:

Inception wokshop on Asian fruit fly IPM project -1 to 3, September 2010, AITCC, Thailand.

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